Our Executive Coaching programs achieve a balance between fulfilling organizational goals and objectives while taking into account the personal development needs of individual executives. Our programs are a two-way relationship with both the organization and the employee gaining significant benefits. Our Empathinko Executive Coaches:

  • Have a track record in professional and executive roles
  • Work with the ‘high-performers’ or with those who have the potential to be a high performer 
  • Work at CEO level within organizations
  • Offer total confidentiality
  • Work with potential business leaders

Many clients seek executive coaching for performance enhancement rather than the rectification of a performance issue. Executive Coaching is a highly successful intervention in these cases. When our clients are paying premium rates for executive development services, performance is invariably the key ROI they are looking for. Even if an executive receives coaching support in relationships, or in-home life, it will be with the aim of increasing their effectiveness and productivity at work and rarely for more altruistic reasons.

Empathinko Executive Coaching derives its theoretical underpinnings and operational models from positive business and sports psychology as well as ontological and general management approaches.

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