What our clients say about us

“As a coach, Shakti displayed confidence, a keen understanding of the issues raised, and an ability
to connect with me and support me to gain clarity, to look at the options available to me and shift my
perspective towards goal achievement. It was evident that during this coaching relationship, I
experienced tremendous growth and achievement that will continue to support as a manager and
business owner.”
– Hortense Ross- Innerarity, Small Business Owner

“Thanks to Shakti Ghosal, he showed me that there are alternatives and some of those alternatives
could help me accomplish my objectives much better than my existing approach. He makes thinking
about change an effortless act, overcoming mental resistance in a subtle yet effective fashion.”
– Pradeep Rajagopalan, Technology domain

“And in all our conversations, Mr. Shakti helped me develop better understanding about what I
really think about many aspects and bring those to the forefront… this conversation really gave me an
opportunity to sit and reflect helping me to understand many aspects in my life, career, workplace,
etc. And I really wish to keep in touch with him in the coming months to further support me.”
– Sasi Priya, Hospital executive.

“Shakti has a very easy, free flowing style of coaching which reminds me of a river flowing
beautifully enriching whatever comes its way. His coaching abilities made the journey a huge learning
experience for me too.”
– Sunita, Business Owner

“What I really appreciate about Shakti is his ability to ask powerful questions, his listening skills and 
his presence of mind to cite examples and analogies that are suitable to the situations I am faced with.”
– Shraddha, Insurance agent.

“Mr. Shakti, Thanks for your Workshop and coaching sessions !! I shall strive to apply the inputs to
bring about positive changes both in my personal and professional life.”
 – Sawan Kumar, Product support, L&T Construction and Mining.

“ As the last leg of the project comes to an end, I would like to take this opportunity to express my
heartfelt gratitude for all the guidance and mentorship that you have given me throughout the
project, both in India and in Dubai. Thank you for an enriching experience.”
– Aakansha Srivastava, Al Tayer Group, Dubai project

“I have been working with Frank for more than 8 years, as I moved through a variety of roles. Frank’s coaching has been very valuable in keeping me focused on priority tasks (even the less appealing ones which I might be inclined to defer), while making sure that no dimension of my business or personal life is neglected under the pressure of work priorities.”

– Leigh Warnick, Barrister, Australia

“I had been very lucky to receive the opportunity to be coached by Frank. It took 4 years to implement the techniques Frank had taught me and now I am the General Manager at an overseas branch in Asia for the very same company that had funded the program. Thank you Frank.”

Sarah Huang, Regional Director- S.E. Asia & Greater China, BURDA Luxury

I have worked with Frank over the past 10 years in his capacity as both an Executive Coach as well as a Transformation Workshop Facilitator. Frank is incredibly effective in both these roles, helping people to transform relationships, to empower those around them and to have personal breakthroughs that enable them to reach the goals and dreams they aspire to.

Griz Thomson – Consultant, Sales Methodologies & Technology

“Joost was fantastic at getting to the heart of the matter with me. He was great at celebrating my accomplishments and pulling me to be in the  cause, noticing my language and ways of being, my listening and communication.”

 Lisa (Womersley) Collins – Digital Transformation (APAC) | Strategy | Oracle Customer Experience Cloud | Digital Marketing | eCommerce | AdTech | Martech, Director of CX Strategy at Oracle.


“Being in  coaching calls  by Joost de Langen  is the best investment I ever made . It was exciting and resulted in me having my own pharmacy and new health centre!  My team is way more accountable and we experience way more success and achieve  results beyond our expectation. “

 Hanneke Treep 

“I have known Joost De langen for approximately five years.  In that time he has been not only my valued friend, but also a coach with enormous wisdom and capacity to understand the needs of any client.”  

Susie Cropper, Director, Swing Designer Jewellery

“As a colleague, a coach, a mentor and a friend, Joost De Langen is someone I trust and highly value in my life. “

-Ian Collins, 

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