Our ELI technology helps build great leadership in business.

executive Coaching and Workshops

Leadership for the new millennium

In five years time, organisations that would survive would be those with a leadership trained to operate in disruptive environments.

Executive Coaching

When you become aware of the type of language you use to experience and define situations, and other people in the world, you begin to see the way forward to a breakthrough in your effectiveness in dealing with the world.

Performance enhancing workshops

Our programs commit you to a future that inspires and are specially designed to nurture and guide you through your leadership and performance enhancing journey.

Personal Development Tools

Doing the personality portrait can support you to significantly improve your performance and effectiveness at your work place. You can find our multi-dimensional personal development tools at this link.


Get a sense of  Leadership, Performance and trends in the Third Millennium.

Our Clients

Our Customer list bears testimony to Empathinko’s success in our client engagement in the realms of Executive Coaching, Leadership and development workshops.

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