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ELI Program 1

Leadership Incubation for heightened Performance and career growth

The Leadership Incubation program supports participants to gain a deep understanding of and thereafter develop and use leadership technology to address a real and live case for themselves. The program promises that participants would leave the program as better leaders and would start exercising leadership as a natural self expression.

ELI Program 2

Enabling Digital and Organisational transformation in a disruptive environment

Existing business models and business value chains are getting disrupted continuously by technology in today’s uncertain environment. At the end of the workshop the business leader can expect to take-away a compelling vision and leadership strategy that would enable technology to become a core component to transform the organisation’s intrinsic business model and value chain.

ELI Program 3

Organisational Decision making in a VUCA Environment

Our promise to participants would be, “You will leave the program with end to end understanding of Organisational decision making and its components. You will learn how to identify, scope, manage and successfully execute critical organisational decisions in an increasingly volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.”

ELI Program 4

Leadership in Project Management

A 2 day workshop with our promise to participants, “You will leave the program with end to end understanding of how to identify, scope, budget and successfully execute a project apart from gaining enhanced competences to optimally manage a project in a timely and cost effective manner.”

ELI Program 5

The 3 Laws of Performance- a Blueprint for achieving Performance breakthroughs

The participant would leave the workshop with a mastery of the Blueprint for performance breakthrough.

  • Generate an urgent Case for Action that would galvanise him and others.
  • Establish the Conversational Environment needed for breakthrough performance.
  • Generate new levels of Leadership for himself and others.
  • Rewrite the Future.

ELI Program 6

Getting to YES – The 21st century art of effective negotiation

This workshop is about how to negotiate without giving in. In today’s world characterized by flatter organisations, faster innovation and an explosive access to information and connectivity through the internet, the pyramid of power is shifting into networks of negotiation. The participant would leave this program with a mastery of principled negotiation and a sustainable “win-win” solution.

ELI Program 7

Up your Communication and interpersonal effectiveness!

This workshop is about understanding your own as well as other peoples’ communication preferences, and adjusting your own communication approach. You also learn to listen actively and use appreciative enquiry as a communication tool. You leave the workshop with improved communication skills, leading to more effective engagement and implementation of tasks and an overall improvement in interpersonal relationships.

ELI Program 8

Personality portrait Awareness for effective team performance

The workshop provides the participant with an access to breakthrough performance in his life and  work through understanding his own and others’ personality and applying that knowledge to working effectively with clients and work colleagues.

ELI Program 9

Cultural Awareness for heightened business performance

This workshop promises:

  • Heighten cross-cultural sensitivity for improved working relationships.
  • Develop leadership skills that are effective in a cross cultural milieu.

Align communication and negotiation skills to have  positive interact with colleagues and counterparts across cultures.

ELI Program 10

Your Entrepreneurship Journey

Provides the participants with an overview of what an Entrepreneurship journey looks like. It would support the participants to get a sense of the excitement and energy of being an entrepreneur. It uses wide ranging concepts of Management, Marketing, Finance and Leadership to promise that participants would leave the program with a mindset and skillset to start exercising entrepreneurship much more effectively.

ELI Program 11

Leadership in B2B Sales and Customer centricity

This workshop is all about the participants learning to optimise one’s B2B Marketing and Sales ability and achieve higher business and profits in today’s fast changing environment.

  • Gain a deep understanding of the B2B Marketing and Sales process
  • Exercise leadership in B2B Marketing..
  • Build long term customer relationships to optimise business, profits and lead conversions.
  • Learn how to negotiate effectively.

ELI Program 12

Leadership in Strategic Management

The participant would leave the workshop  with the ability to apply the Strategic  Management framework  effectively in fast changing environments. He would contribute to  the organisation exercising strategy to  sustain market leadership and viability in uncertain times. He would intuitively understand and seek alignment of other stakeholders towards strategic decisions.

ELI Program 13

Maximise your Professional Success

‘Your limitation – it’s only your imagination’. This program explores what professional success would look like for you in terms of your performance, career and Leadership. What is that which blocks you from achieving professional success? What practices could you adopt to remove such blocks and maximise your potential?

ELI Program 14

De-tox your Digital Life

What is at the core of the 24X7 digital connect overdrive you are into? The program explores the underlying factors which addict you into a digital connectivity. You learn to implement the four pillars of performance and work-life balance and how to deglamorize busyness. You adopt practices to stay plugged-in and de-tox at the same time to remain calm, connected and better equipped to perform.

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